Sheba Medical Center: A Hub for Medical Excellence and Innovation

Ranked among the top-10 globally and returning after a brief hiatus, Sheba Medical Center stands as Israel's largest civilian hospital. Initially established as the nation's first military hospital, it now caters to over 1 million patients each year. The extensive complex includes 159 medical departments and clinics, 33 laboratories, and four specialized hospitals for acute care, rehabilitation, women, and children.

Sheba's renowned International Medicine department draws patients from all over the world. Its CAR-T program is the largest in Europe, with over 300 patients treated and impressive success rates. Sheba's state-of-the-art on-site laboratory enables a 10-12 day vein-to-vein CAR-T therapy at a relatively affordable price, maintaining results comparable to FDA-approved literature.

The TIL therapy for melanoma at Sheba offers a unique opportunity for international patients. With 18 years of experience and over 200 melanoma patients treated, Sheba Medical Center is one of the most experienced centers globally for metastatic melanoma treatment. Their approach offers significant improvement and potential cures, with many patients experiencing substantial benefits or being cured.

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