With Dr. Marcus at Sheba hospital, celebrating cancer-free PET CT.


Testimonial by a CAR-T patient at Hadassah hospital


My Husband and I engaged with Tanya Preminger from IHA to travel from New Zealand to Israel for undertaking Car T treatment. During the preparation stage Tanya was very professional in her approach and extremely responsive to our many emails. During our 8 week stay in Israel Tanya was incredibly supportive on both a practical and social level. Tanya was an effective communicator with ourselves and the Hadassah hospital staff, always accountable and flexible with our needs. We would highly recommend Tanya as a representative for other clients who may be considering various treatments in Israel.
Yvonne and Mike Hogan, New Zealand, 8/5/2023

Moved by your attentive and friendly attitude towards patients

Our visit to the medical center has left nothing but positive impressions. There was consistent feedback in the course of treatment with the doctors and attentive attitude from the department staff.
E. P. Russia

Patient testimonial of CAR-T therapy in Sheba hospital in Israel

CAR-T cell therapy in Sheba hospital in Israel, patient review 2022

Extremely grateful to Israeli hospitals for their professional approach

The staff promptly replies to all patients' requests, be it via phone or e-mail. They are also highly flexible and helpful. Their approach is efficient but not without empathy. The treatment expenses are calculated promptly and precisely. The flexibility when making appointments at the hospital for consultations and treatments is much appreciated.
V. G. France

Thank you IHA for solving any problems in a highly efficient

Hello everyone. In May, my son underwent a medical examination in Israel. I was very satisfied with everything. I would especially like to acknowledge the outstanding professionalism of Dr. Schiff who had examined my son. I'm immensely grateful to him! I also thank all employees for the utmost efficiency in solving any problems.
N.M. Russia

FUS treatment at Rambam Medical Center - dutch patient success story

I'm going to have good memories from my time in Israel

I’m going to have good memories from my treatment in Israel. I would like to thank the Rambam hospital staff for their excellent work in creating the compassionate atmosphere that we, people with serious medical conditions need so much. The entire staff did such an amazing job! After all, dealing with seriously ill people is no easy task! And, of course, a huge thank you to Dr. Hoffmann for his high level of expertise and his sincere attitude.
I hope that my illness has remained in the past, and I wish the same to all patients of the clinic. And to all the staff members, plenty of health, much success in their hard work and lots of patience!

I'd like to express my gratitude to the staff of Israeli hospitals and Assuta

From pre-arrival arrangements like choosing the best doctor and completing diagnostics, meeting and accompanying us in the hospital, consultations with the doctors, and down to the treatment protocol – everything was top-notch!!!
We always felt that we were cared for and that as patients we would receive help and guidance every step of the way. We were met with the most professional approach at every level! The whole experience exceeded our expectations.

Dr. Amit Amnon gave me life!

Dr. Amit Amnon (Gynecology Department) gave me life! The staff of the department is attentive and professional. I am very happy to have been treated at this wonderful hospital. I highly recommend it to everyone who is in need of a serious treatment.

The best healthcare facility I've ever seen

Hi everyone! I was fascinated by what I saw (the size of the hospital), the preparation for the doctor's appointment – everything is organized according to the highest standards! To date, this is the best healthcare facility I’ve ever seen!

We trust you 100%

Having undergone examination and treatment in Israel has completely changed my view of the modern healthcare. The same is true for my family who also received consultations from doctors at your hospital. We trust you 100%.
As for the IHA staff, their attitude towards patients and their efficient coordination of all examinations are above all praise!
I and my family are extremely grateful for your work!
J. family. South Africa

Have you been diagnosed with cancer? do not procrastinate

Hello!!! I'm so grateful to you for your attention and kindness. I have now realized that if you have been diagnosed with cancer, you have to go to Israel immediately. In Israel your chances are better than anywhere else.

The diagnosis made in Russia turned out to be completely false

I was afraid to go to Israel until the last moment, because I had never been treated abroad, I was convinced that it was pointless, but after a lot of persuasion from my family and friends, I finally decided to go. When I arrived, met the staff at the IHA, and started treatment I realized that this trip was worth it. The diagnosis made in Russia twice turned out to be completely false. A huge thank you to everyone who took part in this.
K. P. Russia

Sophia takes her first steps- Rambam patient testimonial