Standard CAR-T therapies are generally produced by specialized facilities that generate the modified T cells on a large scale. These facilities follow a centralized model wherein T cells are taken from a patient, sent to the manufacturing facility where they are genetically modified to express the CAR, expanded in culture, and then sent back to the clinical site for reinfusion into the patient.

Home-grown”, “In-house” or “Point of Care” CAR T-cell therapy is a new approach to CAR T-cell therapy that involves manufacturing CAR T-cells on-site at the hospital where the patient is being treated. This eliminates the need to ship the patient's T cells to a centralized manufacturing facility, which can save time and money.

In-house CAR T-cell therapy has the potential to revolutionize the treatment of blood cancers and other diseases. By making CAR T-cell therapy more affordable and accessible, in-house CAR T-cell therapy can help to improve the lives of patients around the world.


There are a number of benefits to in-house CAR T-cell therapy, including:

  • Reduced cost: In-house CAR T-cell therapy eliminates the need to ship the patient's T cells to a centralized manufacturing facility, which can save significantly on costs.
  • Reduced turnaround time: In-house CAR T-cell therapy can be manufactured and administered to the patient more quickly than traditional CAR T-cell therapy, which can be important for patients with aggressive diseases.
  • Increased customization: In-house CAR T-cell therapy can be customized to meet the individual needs of the patient. For example, the type of CAR T-cell used and the number of CAR T-cells administered can be tailored to the patient's cancer and overall health.
  • Quality Control: Having an in-house facility could allow for better quality control and consistency in the manufacturing process.

Two hospitals in Israel, Sheba Medical Center and Hadassah Medical Center, have established state-of-the-art, ultra-sterile laboratories tailored for the CAR-T process. Both now provide their own in-house CAR-T programs.

Utilizing a 'home-grown', 'in-house', or 'point of care' approach, Israel has managed to offer CAR-T treatments in the range of $80,000 to $150,000, while maintaining the highest standard of care.

CAR-T cell therapy in Sheba hospital in Israel
CAR-T cell therapy in Hadassah hospital in Israel